Home Elevators

a true elevator – safety, comfort & elegance

The home elevator is a perfect blend of elegance, reliability and advanced safety features. Most of the safety systems are part of standard equipment, providing maximum protection to children, adult and elders. Our innovation in home elevator provides a greater degree of comfort, elegance, convenience with an emphasis on safety.


6 Passanger elevator with semi circle full glass life & has 4 stops

4 Passenger elevator with 4 panel glass doors and hydraulic unit has 4 stops. Low pit and full square glass lift

4 passenger elevator with full glass circle lift and 3 stops. Runs on channels with also supports the lift equipments

4 Passenger elevator with semi circle glass lift with one side support with marble flooring in villa and has 3 stops

5 Passenger elevator with half round full glass lift with 4 stops

Half round capsule lift with wooden cladding outside the elevator and has 4 stops

4 passenger and 4 stops. Full square glass lift with frosted finish glass cabin

USP of product: Combing Design with Technology.

Brief description of the product: Hydraulic & Traction Lifts.

Product Specifications:
No of Stops : 2 to 6 stops (Ground+1 to Ground +5)
Type of Doors : Manual Opening, Automatic Center Opening, Automatic Telescopic Opening, 2 panel & 4 Panel doors

Clear opening Of Doors : 600,650,700,800,900,1000 mm

Type of cabin : Ms ,SS, Wooden & Glass with Square ,U-shape & Circular Type

Material finishes : M.S Powder coated, Stainless steel with designs & wood Finishes.

Speed : 0.15m/s to 1.0 m/s

Application of the product: We manufacture elevators & escalators which caters which helps movement of people from one floor to another floor.

Is product manufactured in India or imported? We use imported technology for hydraulics driven elevators and imported mechanism & machine of traction technology like Monteferro andMoris of Italy. Our control panels, auto rescue device, components and cabins are manufactured and assembled at our manufacturing centre.

Has the product been used/displayed in India earlier? It is launched in the year 2012 and has participate and displayed in ACETECH in the year 2014.

Has the product already been launched through some other exhibition/event? If yes then provide details: Builders and Developers – Expo in Guntur Andhra Pradesh.