Commercial Elevators, Escalators & Travelators

the elevator pitch for business growth

ASCENT offers more options, brands and styles, giving you the flexibility to design or incorporate the best commercial elevators and escalators for your new or existing building.

Our innovative drive systems are aimed at providing a smooth, safe and reliable mobile system for moving mass numbers of people efficiently and comfortably from floor to floor, within a building or complex. Our superior passenger elevator systems bring unmatched reliability, efficiency and power savings along with style and elegance from our "world class equipment and engineering".


6 passenger elevator with gold design cabin and onyx flooring


Different types of design doors in commercial elevator


13 passenger elevator with full glass circle lift & has 5 stops. Commercial project used in Kids High School


6 passenger elevator with 2 side openings and has 2 stops. Partial glass with aluminum cover sheets


8 passenge elevator with 2 side opening. Stainless steel channeling with a see through glass

The USP – Combing design with technology.

Our manufacturing process of elevators & escalators combines excellent-resources, perfect-raw materials, intelligently researched, smart and advanced technology. Our smartly designed elevators & escalators provide an ideal mix of engineering & aesthetics combining superior levels of safety & performance.

The Product – Change for the next level. We provide comprehensive vertical & trans movement solutions like elevators, escalators and travelators. We manufacture elevators escalators and travelatorswhich caters to home, residential projects and commercial projects. Our elevators are custom and comes various finishes, which include glass elevators, stainless steel, combination of wood & steel, combination of wood & glass, and combination of glass & steel the list is limitless and every elevator that is rolled out is unique and different. The product is also comes with a wide range of ceiling and flooring finishes which adds aesthetics of the elevator.

Application of the product - We manufacture elevators & escalators which caters which helps movement of people from one floor to another floor.

Our Technology Partners - We have partnered with the best global brands like Monteferro and Moris of Italy who have part most of best landmarks of the world.

Our Quality Policy – We closely monitor every stage of the production with the ISO 9001-2008 certificated process to deliver a zero defect product.

Our Service fulcrum – We offer you quick turn-around service with committed response system, our service team is always on high alert mode& field engineers fix the toughest problems on a fast-track mode.